Healing Through Humor

Facilitated By Michele Traina

A unique wellness program that uses humor to help individuals heal, grow, and learn.

Healing Through Humor uses laughter as a form of non-traditional therapy in building motivation, confidence, and reducing anxiety. The program is facilitated by Michele Traina, a humor coach, educator, and performer.

If you are struggling with a relationship, death, personal problem, or are looking to build self-confidence and joy in your life, this program will help you achieve that through laughter. 

Healing Through Humor is a non-traditional therapeutic tool for both children and adults, giving them pathways to securing happiness and growth. Children can enhance their gross motor, sensory processing, and attention by using strategies that trigger laughter and ground their emotional regulation. Stand up comedy, improvisation, puppetry, and writing strategies are used to help participations laugh which will in turn generate relief, self-confidence, and empowerment. Children become more aware of how to verbalize and self regulate their emotional processing.

For adults going through a difficult period or struggling with a disorder, Healing Through Humor uses laughter as a coping mechanism, outlet to filter aggression, and a way to generate effective solutions in their lives. Participants can generate a pathway for feeling good, motivated, and productive in their lives. 

Sessions are available for children, teens, and adults to provide effective sustainable mental health through humor. 

*Group sessions for both children and adults are available once a week, as well as one-on-one sessions.

Are you ready to laugh?

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