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Our Mission

North Jersey Health & Wellness cares about your health. By utilizing our 3 most important values in our work, we can help you achieve the best treatment possible. We understand that the subjects that we deal with our sensitive, but it is important to know that we always put our patient first.


At NJHW, our clinicians believe in instilling a positive attitude in our practice, patients, and their individual work.


As professional doctors with years of experience, a huge concern is our patients' safety. With compassionate attitudes, we make the best decisions based on what we believe is right for our patients.


NJHW handles many sensitive and emotional subjects. We want to make sure that our patients trust us just as much as we trust them.

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Our Specialists

Experience & Passion

Dr. Derek B. Berberian, MD, Board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology

Christina Weiss, BSN, Board certified in Psychiatry

Kori Anderson, MMS, PA-C

Kori Anderson

Medical News


Meaning Making During the Pandemic for 60yr+

These are undoubtedly stressful times for us all, and each of us must find our own ways of coping – yet, for those who are aged sixty-years plus and deemed high-risk, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially trying.   Unavoidable conversations of the value of human life are taking place daily, such as when decisions […]


Trauma and the Brain

Reactions to trauma can vary widely depending on a myriad of factors – with 50% of the population estimated to experience trauma during their lifetime it’s beneficial to understand what trauma does to the brain. Understanding the physical impact of trauma is an important step to healing.    Trauma affects three areas of the brain: […]


Intimate Relationship Conflicts

Conflicts are completely normal in any relationship but resolving disputes to the benefit of both parties and the relationship should be the goal – resolving conflict in a positive way actually brings couples closer together!   In order to make sure that conflict with your significant other is “positive conflict,” and actually beneficial, try following […]


First time visiting Ramsey office and was immediately treated with kindness and professionalism. A comprehensive evaluation is conducted by the Dr to gain a better understanding of the patients background and current challenges. I am looking forward to working with Dr. Berberian and his team. Thank you.

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Barbara G

Dr. Berberian was professional, personal, and had a genuine demeanor. We talked for about an hour and he talked me through options and the upcoming process. Very good vibes regarding this Dr. and his staff.

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Verified Patient
I can honestly say the best experience I've ever had in a doctor's office. Dr. B made me feel very comfortable and very hopeful that things will get better. I am really looking forward to working with Dr. B.
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Verified Patient