SPRAVATO® Treatment

If you struggle with Treatment-Resistant Depression, there's somewhere to turn.

Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) occurs when two or more antidepressants of an adequate dose are taken but fail to deliver sufficient relief to the individual. To help treat TRD, SPRAVATO® is a prescription medicine that can be used along with an anti-depressant to provide relief. 

In contrast to traditional oral antidepressants, SPRAVATO® is a nasal spray that works by targeting the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA). The effectiveness of SPRAVATO® is backed by a short-term clinical study of adults with TRD. Those who were administered SPRAVATO® along with an oral depressant, compared to those who received a placebo with an oral depressant, experienced at least 50% improvement. 

If you struggle with TRD and are looking for relief, give us a call to see if SPRAVATO® is right for you. 

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