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Joining a group of strangers may sound intimidating at first, but group therapy at North Jersey Health and Wellness provides many benefits will enhance your individual therapy.  The groups at North Jesery Health and Wellness act as a support network and a sounding board.

While many people experience difficulties, few speak openly about them to people they don't know well. We understand that you may feel like you are the only one struggling — but you're not, and regularly talking and listening to others can help you put your own problems in perspective. At North Jersey Health and Wellnesss we provide confidentidal, small groups that are led by our practicioners that teach stratgies and problem solving teciqniques for managing specific problems.

When you join a group at North Jersey Health and Wellness you will see how other people tackle problems and make positive changes, helping you to discover a whole range of strategies for facing your own concerns.

Current Groups



Being socially awkward is not just a problem kids face; adults can battle with social skills too. Struggles with social skills in adulthood can cause avoidance of social situations and interfere with building long-lasting relationships.

In this group, we will work on social skills for anxiety, fear of public speaking, connecting with others, and more.

Start date: 2/21/24
Time and date: every other Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 pm
Length: (4 weeks)
Where: in-person, at our Ramsey location

We will be working on:
1) interview skills
2) building meaningful conversations
3) cultivating self-confidence and assertiveness in various social settings
4) gaining public speaking confidence

We look forward to seeing you!


Carly Neuschatz

SUbstance Abuse GrouP Therapy


When handling any degree of substance use issue the dynamic of group is an excellent context for therapy.  Group normalizes common features of this condition, facilitates interpersonal skills and support, and helps break the patterns of precontemplation (often known as “denial”) and terminal uniqueness.  A client centered approach combined with education on the disease model of addiction, coping skills practicuum, and CBT offers a space for patients to make substantive change.

Time Available:

Mondays 7-8 pm (offered both virtually or in person in the Paramus office)


Nicholas Fiorito

DBT Skills Group


DBT Skills distill the practical tools of DBT Therapy into daily, applicable actions to improve the quality of patients’ lives. Covering the modules of mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness the group’s aim is to improve patients’ ability to self-regulate, cope with distress, and improve insight into long-standing patterns. These skills also serve as wonderful life skills to increase happiness and well-being. This group focuses on education about these skills, instead of group emotional processing that many think of when they think of “group therapy.”

Times Available:

Adults (two separate groups. Participants choose one group time and attend weekly)

Mondays 8-9pm (offered both virtually or in person in Paramus office)
Tuesdays 9-10pm (virtual only)



Mondays 6-7pm (offered both virtually or in person in Paramus office)


Nicholas Fiorito

Infertitlity SupporT GROUP



Struggling with infertility can feel like an isolating journey, but you're not alone. North Jersey Health and Wellness is proud to offer a warm and compassionate support group tailored to individuals and couples navigating the challenges of infertility.

Led by Janet Viggiano, our experienced facilitator who has been through the same challenges, our group provides a safe space for sharing stories, exchanging advice, and finding solace in a community that truly understands.


Whether you're just beginning your fertility journey or seeking additional support along the way, our group offers guidance, camaraderie, and hope. Join us at North Jersey Health and Wellness and take the next step towards finding comfort and strength in your fertility journey.


When: The group will begin Thursday, April 25th, and will continue every other Thursday from 7-8 pm for 4 weeks.


Where: The group will be available both virtually and in person at the Ramsey location 35 S Spruce St, Ramsey, NJ 07446


How to register: Call us at (201) 588-3491 or email us at and note in the message section that you are interested in the Infertility Support Group


Janet Viggiano



Our OCD support group is here to provide a safe and supportive environment for OCD sufferers to connect and relate to one another. OCD can be a deeply isolating disorder, especially with some of the more taboo obsessions. This group serves to relieve some of the shame and isolation individuals with OCD may be experiencing. Additionally, helpful resources and treatment strategies are also discussed.


When: The group will begin Wednesday May 1st 2024  and will continue every other Wednesday at 4pm.


Where: The group will be available virtually


How to register: Call us at (201) 588-3491 or email us at and note in the message section that you are interested in the Infertility Support Group




“I’m glad that I finally found someone that I can trust. The rest of the staff are wonderful, as well. Would highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking help.”— Ashley A.

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North Jersey Health & Wellness specializes in offering holistic and integrative approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various physical and behavioral wellness conditions.

Founded and led by Dr. Derek Berberian, MD, the team at NJHW works closely with patients from the start — getting to know them on a deeper level in order to find a solution that is unique and tailored to them.

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