North Jersey Health & Wellness Massage Therapy 

Therapeutic massage Therapy

The practice of massage therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissues in the body to promote relaxation, relieve tension, and improve overall well-being.

Swedish Massage

Lighter to medium pressure. Focuses on relaxation. Long fluid strokes along the whole body

  • Benefits 
    • Relieves stress / increases endorphins
    • Lowers blood pressure 
    • Improves circulation 
    • stimulates nerves 
  •  60 min- $100,  90 min- $140, 120 min- $180


Hot stone massage

The heat from the stones brings in healthy blood flow and assists in relaxing the muscles to better allow detailed work throughout the entire body. Decreases soreness post-massage. Work is more detailed than the saltstone massage. 

  • Benefits 
    • Helps relax muscle fibers using heat 
    • Reduces soreness post-massage 
    • Increases circulation 
    • Allows for detailed work 
  • $120,  90 min- $170, 120 min- $225


Salt Stone Massage

Uses pink Himalayan heated salt stones to achieve the same benefits as the lava stones (regular hot stones) with additional benefits. 

  • Benefits 
    • Improves sleep 
    • Balances central nervous system 
    • Promotes immune and respiratory health
    • The same benefits at hot stone
  • $130,  90 min- $180, 120 min- $240


Deep tissue

60 min- $110,  90 min- $160, 120 min- $210

Slower, detailed strokes. Focuses on relieving tension one muscle layer at a time. Strokes move in the direction of muscle fibers in the order that the muscles go from top to bottom to work out individual knots and buildups

  • Benefits 
    • Relieves pain from tension 
    • The focus is on painful areas
    • Deep pressure
  • 60 min- $110,  90 min- $160, 120 min- $210

Trigger Point

Applying pressure to pressure points to break up large pockets of trigger points. Relieves pain and differing pain. (Trigger points are individual pockets of buildup and waste. They can stem from emotional or physical trauma. They can cause pain in different points of the body and cannot be stretched out) Incorporates myofascial release to relieve pain. Strokes similar to deep tissue.

  • Benefits 
    • Emotional release
    • Physical release 
    • Help resolve differing pain 
  • 60 min- $110,  90 min- $160, 120 min- $210

Sports Therapy

Combination of Swedish and deep tissue strokes. Helps relieve tension from tight muscle groups and improves range of motion. Includes more stretching than the other services. 

  • benefits
    • Increases flexibility and range of motion 
    • Helps stretch tight muscles
    • Eases pain from tension 
  • 60 min- $110,  90 min- $160, 120 min- $210

Prenatal massage

Massage can only be done after 12 weeks. Clients must be out of the first trimester.

60 min- $100,  90 min- $140, 120 min- $180

Available Upgrades

  • Therapro oil- $20
    • Warms up muscles and has a cooling effect. Brings in healthy blood flow to relax the muscles via heat and then takes inflammation away via a cooling effect. Helps relieve pain
  • Biofreeze (any cooling gel)- $15
    • Has a cooling effect around the muscles to help relieve any tension by taking inflammation away and having a numbing effect on the area. 
  • CBD oil
    • A two-part upgrade. 
      • One spot- $20
      • Full body- $30
  • Aromatherapy oil- $5-10
    • Essential oils absorb through the skin and are breathed in to get different health benefits. 
      • (each oil has different benefits) 
  • Hot stone- lava stones -$20 Salt stones $25
    • Usage of the stones for one body part for those who don't want a full body hot stone massage but would benefit from these stones. 
  • Coconut oil- $10
    • Massage oil is not hydrating. Coconut is a natural hydrating oil that has benefits for the skin. Moisturizes and tightens skin. Helps lighten stretch marks. 



“I’m glad that I finally found someone that I can trust. The rest of the staff are wonderful, as well. Would highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking help.”— Ashley A.

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