Diet and Exercise Counseling

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Diet and Exercise Counseling

Our Registered Dietitian will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current diet to ensure you are meeting your nutrient needs - taking into account any current medical conditions (ie., Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure etc....). Developing a plan which is tailored specifically for you and works with your lifestyle has proven to be the most successful approach to long term results,. Often, small tweaks can be made to improve health, increase energy and speed up your metabolism. While eating healthy is important, we will discuss the addition of exercise and the many benefits for your body and mind, including stress-relief and improving overall psychological well being.

Nutrition Counseling
    1. •Assess Quality of Diet
    2. •Medical Nutrition Therapy
    3. •Set small, attainable goals
    4. •Increase Metabolism
    5. •Increase Energy
    6. •Eat Healthy on the Run
Exercise Counseling
    1. •Target Heart Rate
    2. •Calorie Expenditure
    3. •Workout Plan
    4. •Referral Resources
    5. •Pre / Post Workout Nutrition