Smoking Cessation

Find your way back to smoke-free living.

Every year, there are over 480,000 deaths in the United States caused by smoking cigarettes with heart disease and lung cancer among the most prevalent conditions associated with smoking. Some side effects of smoking also include nausea, depression or anxiety, shortness of breath, coughing up phlegm, or blood clots in lungs. 

There are many reasons individuals may want to quit smoking, such as health improvements, eliminating the cost of cigarettes, and preventing others from experiencing secondhand smoke. 

To help you take the first step in the right direction, our team at North Jersey Health & Wellness will help you identify any smoking-related triggers and come up with a plan for working through such situations when they present themselves. We also offer hypnosis treatments, support programs and activities, and effective guidance sessions with trained counselors. 

Quitting smoking may seem challenging, but with the help of our experienced staff you can find your way to smoke-free living!

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