Group Therapy

We're better together. Let us help you control what is holding you back.

Group therapy offers a number of benefits and provides the opportunity to share and learn from others’ experiences. This practice can be helpful for reducing shame, guilt, and isolation. Group members may also experience less self-stigma as they see that other people have similar thoughts or behaviors.

The needs of each individual also play a role in determining which group session is best. 

Our Group Therapy sessions include:

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills (12 Week Course)
  • Healing Through Humor | Teens & Young Adults
  • Healing Through Humor | Ages 21+
  • Substance Abuse Group Therapy
  • Substance Use Family Support Group

At North Jersey Health and Wellness, we acknowledge the difficulty some individuals face when seeking help. That’s why we work to foster a strong, supportive community for individuals to take comfort and find relief in.

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