Eating Disorders

A safe, nurturing space to take back control of your life.

An eating disorder is a mental and/or physical illnesses that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, body shape, or sexual orientation. Although the causes of eating disorders are difficult to define, various factors are thought to influence an individual’s relationship with food, exercise, body weight, and body image. Such factors may include genetics, trauma, and sociocultural pressures. If left untreated, eating disorders can lead to serious, sometimes life-threating, health complications over time.

Opening up about personal struggles or addressing an eating disorder with a loved one can be daunting, but we want to reassure you that our team is here to help. Our eating disorder outpatient treatment services offer a safe, nurturing space for those with eating disorders to regain control of their life. Call us or book an appointment online today.

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