Bipolar Disorder

Rediscover a sense of balance in the day-to-day.

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition that is characterized by periods of depression and mania, which are on opposite ends of the mood spectrum. The severity of these episodic periods can vary from person to person and may negatively affect things like sleep, energy, daily behavior, and judgement. 

During the depressive state, a person may describe feeling sad, hopeless, helpless, or a loss of enjoyment in activities. In contrast, the manic state is usually a creative, hyperactive, euphoric experience with increased energy levels. 

To help manage bipolar disorder, North Jersey Health & Wellness offers mood stabilizing medications along with therapy sessions that can help you take control of your mind and find better balance in your day-to-day. Our team of specialists include some of the top-rated psychiatrists in New Jersey, who are here to help and guide you toward the best possible treatment plan. 

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