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Michele Traina

Humor Coach, Educator, Performer

Michele is a teacher and performer with over 20 years of experience using performance to help people heal, learn, and grow.  She earned her Masters in Educational Theatre from NYU and has her principal, supervisor, and theatre teacher certifications in the state of New Jersey. In 2013, she founded Propbox Players, a theatre company for young audiences geared towards inclusion and performance for diverse learners. 

Michele uses improvisation, stand up comedy, and writing to help individual’s process ‘life’s beautiful mishaps’:  such as divorce, death, loss of a job, behavioral patterns that will replace negative behavior with self-confidence and motivation to pursue their ‘personal legend’. She also works with children and teens as young as three years old in role-play through comedy in making children grow and learn through laughter.  She has used comedy to help children and teens build and strength self-confidence, motivation, and empathy that enhance their mental health. Michele is also the creator of Divorce Diaries a one woman comedy show that performs monthly in NYC and has been on tour in Chicago, Las Vegas, Albany, Naples and soon to be in Nashville and London.