Lorayne Coneys


Lorayne Coneys is a therapist whose clients describe as “easy and comfortable to talk with” as they share their life stories and challenges. She fully acknowledges the courage and insight that it takes to enter therapy, “it takes a lot of strength to come and share your most personal issues and you want to feel at home with the person you choose to talk with.”

Lorayne is a New Jersey licensed clinical social worker with an eclectic background of experience and training. In addition to providing counselling and therapy to clients, her training as a personal coach has allowed her to ask powerful questions when helping you find your answers. She has worked with clients for over twenty years yet her curiosity and genuine interest in you is fresh. Lorayne believes that therapy is a partnering between you and her, as she holds you accountable in reaching your goals in a non-judgemental and encouraging way. “Together we create the best conditions for action to happen.” She is aware that you are the expert on yourself as you go through the exploration of becoming unstuck. The bottom line is change — it is powerful and energising to be in the presence of personal change.

Have you ever had a therapist ask you, “how, specifically, do you make yourself feel anxious (depressed, angry or any other mood state)?” Lorayne has been trained in going step helping you identify how you make your emotions happen; this helps in breaking patterns that keep you stuck. When you believe that emotions just happen to you, you can feel like a victim of an emotional state. Lorayne offers you homework assignments that allow you to work on your goals until the next session. Therapy can be an enjoyable, interactive process between you and your therapist. Call for an appointment!