Telepsych Consults/Therapy and Nutrition

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Telepsych Consults/Therapy and Nutrition

Telepsychiatry Consultants Teaneck, NJ

Telepsychiatry is a mental state and the patient treatment is done in real-time with the use of video conferencing allowing diagnose, evaluation and treatment of mental health. We as telepsychiatry have a team of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and  psychologists aim to provide best mental health for our patients.

Our online Telepsych consultation services include evaluation, diagnosis and medication of various psychiatric disorders. We also provides an opportunity for consultative and collaborative services with primary care physicians, other health care providers.

Telepsychiatry Benefits

•  Increases opportunities for greater collaboration across multi-disciplinary teams.
•  Reduces clinical wait times
•  Avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visit
•  Easy Flexible appointment options
•  Cost comparable to office visit

Telepsychiatry Usage

Telepsychiatry can be used in a variety of different settings like outpatient clinics, hospitals, correctional facilities, and nursing homes facilities. Patients can schedule their appointments individually with a psychiatrist or therapist for a live video appointment as per their availability.

Telepsychiatry is being used in various nursing homes to provide both ongoing psychiatric evaluation and emergency crisis intervention when it may be difficult to find local psychiatrist.