Outpatient Weight Loss

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New Jersey Weight Loss Center

Achieving a healthy body weight has endless benefits - some of which include the ability to:

    1. •Reduce risk of disease
    2. •Increase energy
    3. •Boost self esteem
    4. •Alleviate stress on joints
    5. •Sleep better
    6. •Improve mood


Losing weight can be an intimidating task for some, who fear they have to sacrifice their favorite foods and follow a strict, low-calorie plan. Our Registered Dietitian will help you implement a “non -diet” approach to lose weight and keep it off by working with your food preferences and lifestyle. After completing a comprehensive Nutrition Assessment, we will set achievable goals and tailor an intervention to your specific needs. Periodic follow ups with our Dietitian will keep you on the right track and provide continuous nutrition education to further your progress.